For the Mathematics part of STEM at Macdonough Academy, students receive multiple opportunities to apply their content skills obtained from the Illustrative Mathematics and EnVisions curricula during interdisciplinary center and group work.

Illustrative Math (IM) K–5 Math is uniquely focused on:

Collaborative learning opportunities, instructional routines that invite students to bring their whole selves to math class, and problem-solving contexts that positively reflect ethnically diverse cultures support implementation of culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy.

Instructional routines, representations, and math tools are carefully planned to help students develop and understand mathematical concepts and procedures.

Every routine, activity, and lesson has a place in the mathematical story across units and grade levels based on standards and learning trajectories.

Innovative staged centers, cool-downs, monitoring sheets, and section quizzes equip teachers to easily monitor and guide student progress.

Teacher reflection questions, embedded curriculum narratives, and a PLC framework continually support teacher learning.

Teachers feel confident and ready to implement the curriculum with integrated professional learning that supports teachers to develop, refine, and reflect on instructional practices.

Envisions: A Complete K-5 Math Program

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