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Macdonough STEM Academy is an elementary school in the Middletown Public School District. We are proud to be a racially and economically diverse neighborhood school in the heart of the North End of Middletown, CT. We are a school that meets the needs of ALL of our students with wrap-around services right in the school, including…

Meeting the need of ALL of our students

Preparing our learners for a world we don't know about.

Message from Damian Reardon, Principal – “Our goal is to create independent, critical thinkers who are ready to tackle any problem!

A Macdonough education is grounded in interdisciplinary units of study that have at their foundation a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Students are provided the opportunity to become independent learners and thinkers through Project-Based Learning. All of our projects focus on the Engineering Design Process in order to solve real-world problems. This process enables students to bring creativity and imagination to plan out solutions to problems, test their ideas and then refine and improve them. The project-based approach lays a fantastic foundation for independent, critical thinking skills that prepares students for any challenge.”

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Why MacSTEM Academy is the model for the future

Macdonough STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy engages students in Project-Based Learning which uses the Engineering Design Process to solve real world problems.

Students apply their knowledge of multiple subject areas within a single lesson in using creativity and imagination to produce solutions and make connections to careers and problem solving in the real-world.

We focus on the whole child to enable social-emotional as well as academic growth. Through encouraging students’ strengths and providing thoughtful instruction, we nurture resilient learners who can successfully access their best selves and build meaningful relationships with others.


Hear it from the students!

"I like measuring temperatures because I like science a lot. I like to play math playground on my Chromebook. The staff here are really nice."
“I can't get enough of the experiments. They are all so fun! For example, we did one with an LED laser, which is kind of like a light saber if you watch Star Wars.”
“My favorite part of being a student at Macdonough is the teachers -- they are fun! And science. For the engineering design process, we built a Barbie airplane.”

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