STEM Newsletter: April 2022, Volume 2, Issue 8


Students at Macdonough School are exposed to interdisciplinary units of study that have at their foundation a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Students are provided the opportunity to become independent learners and thinkers through Project-Based Learning.

All of our projects focus on the Engineering Design Process in order to solve real-world problems.

Engineer of the Month

Our engineer of the month is Rocco from Mrs. Lenihan’s kindergarten class. Rocco carefully brainstorms and plans before he creates prototypes out of materials. Rocco is very descriptive when communicating his thought process and presenting his final product. His always willing to collaborate with others during the Engineering Design Process. He relates all of his work to real world experiences. Keep up the great work, Rocco!

Farm to School

Classroom Highlights

We are very proud of our second graders who presented their artwork for their PBL unit: Trash to Treasure. The purpose of this unit was for students to advocate for change in relation to pollution. Students used recycled materials to create a piece of artwork that expressed their feelings about the impact of pollution on marine life. Check out some pictures below. A special thank you to Mrs. McLeod and Mrs. Paul for providing our students with this learning opportunity. An additional special thank you to our staff who donated recycled materials for students to create their projects….like Mrs. Zagorski’s dad and Mrs. Nielson!!

A special thank you to those who have volunteered to be interviewed for 5th grades PBL: My Carbon Footprint. Fifth grade students have been completing research on ways our actions impact the environment. Students had the opportunity interview Mayor Florsheim, and discuss all of the positive initiatives in place to help decrease multiple forms of pollution. Keep up the great work, fifth grade. You are working so hard on this unit! Thank you to all of our volunteers, and especially Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Goodrich for providing this learning opportunity!

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