STEM Extension Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program

Our STEM Extension Program expects that students will become: problem solvers, innovators, inventors, self-reliant, logical thinkers, and technologically literate.  Consequently, our students will develop into respectful citizens with world-class skills who are ready to meet the global challenges of the future.
The STEM Extension Program builds on the interdisciplinary units of study and Project-Based Learning approach that is taught to all students at the Macdonough STEM Academy.  Students have opportunities and are encouraged to problem solve and come up with solutions for real world problems.  They have opportunities to make connections and extend grade level learning through activities such as the Connecticut Invention Convention, The Stock Market Game, and Math Olympiad.  
Creating curious creative lifelong learners is the goal of the STEM Extension talented and gifted program at Macdonough. For more news and information on the TAG program, follow Mr. Ferrero on Twitter here!